Building Technologies: sustainability

For our course ARCH372, building technologies in architecture, we were given a set of climate types and building forms. We were asked to propose a piece of design that makes the best of this building type and weather in terms of sustainable design.

First we were to find a city with a corresponding weather condition and use the context for the building typology. My assigned climate was cold in winter, mild in summer and dry throughout the year. This was a very particular condition and it has been really hard for me to come up with an actual place that has these climatic extremities. But I managed to find a very special place located in the Swiss Alps and somehow it still managed to stay dry… The design response, my approach and research can be found in the poster I made for this midterm assignment.

Ecem Olgun Midterm


Screen: as an initiator of scale

Or scale, as an initiator of screens? In this exercise we based on “screen”, I tried to discover the effect of scale using the screen in multiple occasions. With the help of key actions such as “multiplication” and “re-sizing”, I studied the relationship between what is called a screen, and the observer. All other details can be found in the study below.


Urban Exploration: Łódź

Lodz is an ex-industrial city in central Poland in which there are numerous abandoned/working factories. Here is a photography series of a fun exploration day in a big abandoned textile factory. The city is also developing a new underground attitude, renewing industrial spaces as new urban meeting points. It’s also a city with famous murals everywhere. Therefore, the graffiti and some left-over industrial spaces become inevitable. I will be sharing a later post about the over-all observations and photos from this crazy city and explain my 5-month-experience in it. *I’m just working on it still, hang in there.