The T(rap)



Building Technologies: sustainability

For our course ARCH372, building technologies in architecture, we were given a set of climate types and building forms. We were asked to propose a piece of design that makes the best of this building type and weather in terms of sustainable design.

First we were to find a city with a corresponding weather condition and use the context for the building typology. My assigned climate was cold in winter, mild in summer and dry throughout the year. This was a very particular condition and it has been really hard for me to come up with an actual place that has these climatic extremities. But I managed to find a very special place located in the Swiss Alps and somehow it still managed to stay dry… The design response, my approach and research can be found in the poster I made for this midterm assignment.

Ecem Olgun Midterm

Graphic design gone wrong?

Here’s a video showing the examples in which typography and graphic design made things harder and less functional where they needed to make it a lot easier. But I guess like the narrator says, it’s hard to realize well designed things until the aren’t there anymore…

And here’s a bonus video. Don’t get frustrated or ashamed that you just pulled a door that has PUSH written all over it. Maybe it’s the design that is problematic. (And try not to think of Hodor 😦 )

Directorial “What if…”s

This video is a recut trailer from a youtube channel I’ve shared earlier. It’s for “what if Harry Potter was a forbidden love story between Voldemort and Harry?” It’s so out of the context, it’s hilarious. Even though it is very creepy, it shows the importance of narration, editing and sound designing. 😀

Here’s another one, “What if Inception was a goofy holiday comedy?” It’s amazing what clichés can do for trailers.