Preschool Education Forums

Recently, we’ve had brief presentations and discussion forums on how prep-schools work, should work, and how the space for these small humans can be optimal for this education. We have a small prep school in our project complex that needs a design for a field of study we are not so familiar with. So we’ve had 2 sessions of discussions and briefings about these issues. Both presenters were experts of their fields and very much involved in not only the education part of this issue but “the spaces for preschool children/preschool education” as well. So, the presentations were very helpful to make us have an understanding of the relationship between children, the space they use, the scale of children in the city and children in education spaces…


Update: ARCH301 – prejury II

We’ve recently had our second prejury submissions. The design proposal we are currently developing now has a lot of design decisions down, in the micro and macro scales. We developed 1/200, 1/500 and 1/1000 drawings, plans and sections, diagrams…

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As Co.cius Studio, our approach was to start with a structure as a single unified mass with multiple functions inside it and start creating meaningful voids as a means of letting air and light in the mass while creating courtyards and transition spaces. The voids have different characters according to their relative locations. They usually occur while transitioning from different functioned spaces and with the different relations they create, the character of the spaces around it starts differentiate from those belonging to other functions. We’ve decided on the best way to locate our different functions, the transition zones in between and a main approach axis with smaller paths supporting it, going through the voids and around them.



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A late welcome to Co.cius Studio

As a part of this semester, the project will be carried out by a group. We, as an architectural office of 4, have named our office and got to work. The name, co.cius is a word play on the Latin socius, root for “associates” and words related to social. It also has meanings as the social element of human beings and doing something together. The separation of co. however still stresses the cooperative and also company qualities of the office. socius.png

In the beginning of this semester, we have come up with our name, designed a logo and watermark, created and co-signed a company contract. We have also made a physical sign of the logo to hang on our office.

After identifying ourselves, we got to work on our “problem definition”. The problem definition is directly about the site and how we understand and interpret it according to the project. The site we have been assigned is in Cebeci, just to the north of 50.Yıl Parkı and south of Mülkiye and Ankara Üniversitesi Hukuk Fakültesi campus.


We had a lot of things in mind so the problem definition needed a revise in later stages but we have made some major points: the temporality of Cebeci and the disconnection between its people. After starting to develop the initial problem definition, we had our site visit. We’ve discovered the site and the neighbourhood. After the visit and even as an on-going project now, we’ve created an annotated bibliography as a library for our further studies. Also, we started to produce the analysis and maps of the area, giving general information and specific information related to our problem definition.

The project will take place in Cebeci and will have a responsibility to help the urban revitalization of the area with a high school, additional forms of education and some residences. More details soon!

ARCH302 Final Jury

Another semester came to an end and we have presented our projects for the last time in the jury. As I have mentioned before, this term’s project was taking place on the site of the old factory district of Eskişehir. The project was to design a 7000m2 complex near an existing registered building. Here are my final jury submissions:


Prejury II

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After the second prejury I’ve focused on this idea of being “in-between” and the void leaking into the structures. Now, I’m developing a different design based on these principles. My program is decided to be the clay, ceramics and glass factory and many of my design strategies remain the same. The idea I’m trying to question more is this idea of “the street” on top of the leaking void. How the street is a live structure, and is in a constant feedback with the life it makes way for and the life that makes way for the street to come into its existence. The design of a conceptual and actually physical street in-between the designed structures is the challenge I’ll be working with. The most recent design and its representations will be shared here soon enough!

Screen: as an initiator of scale

Or scale, as an initiator of screens? In this exercise we based on “screen”, I tried to discover the effect of scale using the screen in multiple occasions. With the help of key actions such as “multiplication” and “re-sizing”, I studied the relationship between what is called a screen, and the observer. All other details can be found in the study below.