Architect Interviews

In this post, I would like to introduce everyone to a youtube channel where you can find architectural documentary-style interviews. The channel belongs to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a Danish museum near Copenhagen. I love the channel’s videos not only because they interview famous architects but also because it is very inspiring, professional and really interesting for people in the field. It is not very commercial like other documentaries about design that try to lure people from all fields. While it also keeps its tone not too scholar and boring.

When you are not in the mood for producing, it’s great to watch some of the talks and just be inspired. Whether it be an architectural solution or a style or strategies while working. By the way, there are, of course, other interviews and documentaries about various fields of art.

Here’s the link to the channel!

For example in this one, besides the interview itself, I really like Renzo Piano’s positive attitude and storytelling. Enjoy!


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