3D Collage revise/addition and “Quotation”

In this revision I added to the model a new human scale as a representation of how different means of “inhabiting” can be. Not only they can be on different dimensions, facing different directions, they can even have different scales which shows a great deal of variation.

I also added new extensions to the box and a new excluded surface as a new means of observing. I used it to emphasize the frames I created which also show ways of observation.

The next part of the assignment was to add something from a case study on our list as a “quotation” from that house. It was meant to be clearly seen in our model which may not always be the case while referencing another house. I quoted the lego-like relationship on the facade of Double House by MVRDV. It was also very close to my idea of framing.

 I studied how these frames and openings in the facade was being integrated with the space inside. Due to limited time (as this was an assignment during an hour of studio time) not as much progress was made in my model but it was rather spent on developing the idea.


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