Case Study Collage Revise

While coming up with a 3D collage, expressing the cases and phrases we are working with, I discovered the concept of the black box. I came up with the idea after thinking about one of my phrases “inhabiting the sublime” and the cases I analyzed. In most of the cases, the cube, or the box, was a very initial step in understanding the houses. I thought of this cube as the thing that everything happens inside. And we can only observe the extrusions of it. It covers all sorts of actions and situations that occur inside a “house”, it is all kinds of inhabiting. So inhabiting the sublime can only be distinguishable if I extrude it from the cube and define it outside of the cube, where it adapts itself and works with the second phrase reading the material. ..

After discussing my ideas behind this representation in the studio, I found out that the way I described the act of inhabiting with a black box, was really similar to a theory in many practices including a black box. I am still searching and brainstorming on this topic so I will write about this theory or approach later.

This idea allowed me to create another version of the 2d collage in which the black box is visible. In the previous one, the idea that got me started was the box too but it was a decidedly silent one. It was not seen except for the extrusions that are planes and the objects on them. In this revision I focused on the merging of this black box with the phrase : reading the material.



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