Final Jury of ARCH201

Another tiresome semester has ended along with our project called On This Earth. After one field trip, many sleepless nights and almost a hundred sketches later we’ve managed to arrive at the holiday break. I’ve already published some earlier stages of the project. This semester was actually made up of architectural exercises rather than a single architectural project. Starting with our analysis in Göreme and Tuz Gölü, coming up with design solutions and later developing tectonic approaches came the time when we call it a wrap. Here is the model of the final stage of my design.

I produced plans for all three levels I made use of in my design along with informative section drawings. Site plan and sections were also essential. Elevations, diagrams and isometric expressions escorted my poster. You can find them later in this post after I’m done scanning all of them.


I have to admit the jury experience was so much better than the previous ones. First reason to this is the amount of sleep I got the night before and the other is the nature of the project and its difference from the abstract works of the first year. As I was told by other students of architecture, the amount of study I put in my works increase with each semester but so does the amount of satisfaction with my work.



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