Strategy Trials

After producing maps, diagrammatic sections and plans about our analysis in Tuz Gölü we are now to develop a design strategy. Strategy is a term we are more or less familiar with from our studies in the first year. Strategy can be explained as a plan to follow for achieving a goal. It shows us the path we need to take if we want to get to the place we desire to be. Strategy is applied in time by using methods, tactics. In design, these tactics and their variables are very important.

For Tuz Gölü, we have begun thinking about strategies that a structure would follow in order to enrich the experience at hand. By making use of our previous studies we are now developing a strategy that works in diverse and multiplied ways and adds to the experience of the place. Our strategy needs to make use of the positive and promising qualities of the space and make them even more positive.

The thinking phase started in our studio hour and we tried to produce diagrams studying our strategy. The strategy and methods of applying it will be developed and studied more in the following days until the pre-jury!

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