Field Trip to Tuz Gölü and Cappadocia

Last week we had a trip to Tuz Gölü, Uçhisar and Zelve to analyze the spatial and topographical conditions. Tuz Gölü happens to be the second largest lake in Turkey and it has many different qualities and goes through a lot of change depending on the time of the year. It is naturally a very shallow lake and has many parts that are dry. Which means only the salt in it is exposed.

The area is an endless whiteness with only the horizon and the land around the lake as references. This provides a dominant horizontal experience. And because the experience is so homogeneous our eyes start seeking little differences or a direction to go in such a directionless, open and uninterrupted space.

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After visiting Tuz Gölü and producing maps we had a busy schedule in Uçhisar too. There, we analyzed the spatial qualities of the primitive dwellings carved in the topography. We tried to relate to architectural elements in the very basic form. The same study continued the next day in Zelve Open Air Museum.



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