Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin A. Abbott

Flatland is a book published in 1884. It is believed to have been an inspiration to many works of yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow. Flatland takes its name from a universe in which only 2 dimensions exist.

The story of Flatland is told by a square. He lives in Flatland where everything that exists in our universe a.k.a. Spaceland can only be observed as straight lines. Our character gets to visit Spaceland and is very inspired by it. But his excitement is to be ignored if not dismissed by his society. I will not go into further detail about the plot but rather write about the things it got me thinking.

The fiction makes me, along with many scientists, wonder even more if there is another dimension that even we as people of spaceland are not aware of and how much of a shock and an eye-opener (or maybe even trouble?) it would be to discover this other dimension. Also, besides the book being ahead of its time as a science-fiction tale, the writer is not shying away from calling out on society’s hierarchical obsessions and misogynistic norms  in his own way which is through a sarcastic and bizarre humour. I’ve enjoyed brain-storming about this book and will probably continue doing so in the following weeks, months and dimensions!


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