Field Trip & Mapping Studies

We were given two maps showing different rectangular areas in Ankara. One in Ulus, near the Ankara Castle and the center of Ulus; the other in Kızılay, Sakarya, covering an area that our school is also located in. We chose 2 keywords for each map and created rectangular zones inside the given area. The quality of our zones were shaped by the keywords we picked.

For Ulus, I chose the keywords Texture and Scale of Form. Ulus is a very rich area in terms of texture and many other things. Here are some pictures I had the chance to take in Ulus, near the castle(you can also check out my friend’s blog

I produced a map for each keyword and then prepared a digital collage by simply overlpping them.

The first mapping for “texture” I took into consideration the general texture of the city/area.
Mapping for “scale of form”. There is a distinctive hierarchy between the castle and the rest of the areas.
The collage produced with different levels of opacity.

Working on a “mapping” for Sakarya area was harder because it is a place that can be called “very ordinary” for someone who lives in Ankara. Also, in my opinion the area does not have clearly separated zones in terms of almost any solid quality. That’s why I chose keywords that were more abstracted. For this field I chose the keywords “Time of Movement” and “Materiality of Surfaces”.

“Time of Movement” was a keyword that actually symbolizes the periods of the spaces in the zones being “busy”.
“Materiality of Surfaces” was valid for the area because there are many different spaces with different experiences of material.
And the collage for Sakarya.

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