Diagrams of Spatial Experience

As out first assignment in the second term for the studio, we were given a bunch of names of movies. As groups we picked a movie and each member of the group produced a diagram explaining the spatial experiences in particular scenes. My group and I picked the movie The Truman Show (1998, dir. Peter Weir). I choose the scene which can be explained with the sentence “When it rains, it rains on Truman…”. After a long thinking process and analysis I came up with the keyword “centralization” and I focused on the relation between indefinite spaces and definite spaces. I also wanted to make use of the relation between action and space. I produced my diagram according to those outcomes of my analysis. Here it is!


After this step we prepared a collage with every group members’ diagram based on our common keyword “centralization”. Here are the diagrams of my group mates Dilara and Cansu and the collage we came up with:



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