Final Jury


Our first term is finally over after the end of our final jury presentations. This term our assignments in the studio were mostly about the process because we had started from one point and took it further in the next stages. The last stage, of course it could still continue but the stage we presented in the final let’s say, was a model that could be made from certain operations all together which are: copy+move+rotate (the main operation), tear+fold, scale+stretch. In the beginning of the process we started producing units using the same planes. And then we produced groups or parts by using the same units or the variations of that unit. The variations are not totally different from the basic unit. They preserve the same relations within the unit but may affect the realtions in between the whole. In the last stages of the assignment we always chose a preliminary step to have a generic idea about the next one. In my final model I chose to take references from a previous model which had many unit variations in itself so that I could produce different kinds of relations in my new model.


Here is my final poster which helped me a great deal to stay organized while talking about my project:



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