The whole process and progress of the first studio assignment

In the first week of our education in architecture school and studio, we were asked to find an image on pinterest by searching certain keywords (hierarchy, rhythm, contrast, overlap, layer, solid void, repetition…). We were asked to analyse and abstract the spatial relations present in the image and produce a 3D construct. I chose this image from the web site:


I realised a week later while I was revising it that it was hard to abstract it because its level of abstraction was already high. The first time I started thinking about it, I was not seeing the relations in the image at all and I wasn’t even aware of that until I got my first F. The first ever construct I produced was this:


Later I started to see why I got an F… I was still trying to make my model “resemble” the image a lot. I was thinking on figurative terms. As I started to understand a little bit more about spatial relations, I wanted to redo my work which was the way it was on the final submission of the whole assignment.


Then, we were given a different assignment. This time the images we were supposed to analyse and abstract were to be chosen among images that were provided by our instructors. My chosen image was this:

I had days to do it and redo it and the final one I produced looked like this from two different angles:

I can say that I started to get away from the idea of making the exact same copy. Seeing the buildings in the picture as not “buildings” but elements. But it was still not very clear. At least not as clear as the continious assignment.

In assignment 01.3, we were asked to create a “superimposed image” by taking photopraphs of the two previous models from an angle we decide on, and getting them to overlap at an angle we decide on again. We were to make another 3D construct which studied the relations within the Superimposed Image. I wanted to use an anglular superimposition in order to discover more relations.

A better photograph of my superimposed image is yet to come...
A better photograph of my superimposed image is yet to come…

As I moved on with the process, I realised how hard it was to analyse this image. We were also limited to use only planes that were perpendicular to each other. So I started to produce sketches to have a simpler look at it. It wasn’t easy to think about the relations that can be shown with perpendicular lines and planes, especially in an image that had so many angles. I stared at my image for nearly 2 hours and tried to see what we have been talking about in the studio. Then I produced sketches again and tried to work on the 3D construct but I couldn’t produce anything that made me comfortable with my design. It was probably the most frustrating day I’ve had so far in architectural education. I hated that I spent hours thinking, analysing but couldn’t come up with a solid idea. But then the next day, I had all the basics of my thoughts that I spent so much time on. So I felt like I slightly knew what I was going to do. And finished my work.

Here is the last model:


I felt more and more comfortable with my work and thought I was understanding some major points. My grades supported this theory. I was happy to see that after starting with a low grade I took it up and upper in the next task. Even though they may not be the most important criteria, somehow my instructors agreeing with my progress made me happy.


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