Thoughts on Studio’s Handbook

Before I started my architectural education I had some preconceptions about it. I thought it was basically learning the act of creating “beautiful” buildings. I now see that the word beautiful alone is not really valid. But aside from that I really wanted to study something that was involved with almost anything in our lives. It’s not simply about only one thing but a mixture of many kinds of elements.handbook2

My thoughts on the studio was made of things that I’ve heard from other students. Most of them seem to agree on the “all-nighter” issue. Still, seeing the “sleepless nights are not that inevitable” sentence in the handbook gave me hope. Although time management will be among the most crucial things that I should learn.

I also heard people say that architectural education is hard. I’m not to determine that part yet but it sure is a brand new thing for us. Us, as in the university-entrance-exam-students of Turkey. The process of getting used to an environment in which we don’t sit down, listen and be off but participate in every step is a hard thing for us to get used to.


Before I read the whole handbook, I thought about doing what the handbook calls “the most common beginner’s mistake” in the studio which was trying to come up with a very unique and original idea. But as I read it and am living through the studio environment I understand that my friends and their work in the studio is also a part of my education. Especially the critiques. Because even though it’s not being made about my work it really clears things up.

The best thing about the handbook is that it gave me a lot of tips and ideas about what we are actually doing in the studio. Because as it is also written we are jumping in the design education. So a brief guide about everything was very helpful.


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